Welcome to Shaba Health

Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher

My name’s Tanatnan Chaipang. I’m the owner of Shaba Massage located right in downtown of Madison, WI. We’re right on South Bedford St. next to Lake Monona. I am in the Massage business for 10+ years.

I’m original from Thailand and I’ve been living in United State since 2006. I graduated from a massage school in Madison, WI. I am certified at Eastern and Western Massage techniques.
After I graduation, I worked at multiple massage and spa places in Madison until in 2012. It is then that I decided to open my own massage studio that offers high quality therapeutic massages. In these sessions of massage, I’ll use all the massage techniques I’ve learned from school and from years of practiced based on what your body needs. Examples are neck or lower back chronic pain and headaches.
I’ll also focus on deep but gentle pressure that are perfect for your body. We will communicate in each massage session that will give you a deep relaxation while you getting a therapeutic massage to feel better and give you the best results.
I’m so excited to working with you and looking forward to meeting you.

Tanatnan Chaipang.