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“Each and every session that I’ve worked on has always been about each and everyone of you, my clients. I’ve offered my top skills from m y experience and training to best heal you with kindness and positive energy . I’ll always be a 100% present when I’m working on you, utilizing each seconds to best provide you with the proper mind, body and soul. I would like to thank you all for allowing me to do what I love at this business. I look forward to more healing sessions with you all and your continued support.”



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Nice, flow and clean healing master space for you to get your best message and heal your body, mind and spirit.  Combination of thai massages includes: swedish, deep tissue, And shiatsu. along with acupressure points, yoga breahting pranayama, thai stretching and yoga massage

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30 min = $59

40 MIN = $79

60 MIN = $95

75 MIN = $125

90 MIN = $145

120 MIN = $199

Hot Stone

Relaxtion with less stretching

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75 min = $145

Neck and Shoulder

Sessions are focused on neck, shoulder, chest, head, face acupressure and streching

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40 min $85

60 min $110

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      Just had my first ever Thai massage at Sha-Ba. Tanatnan was amazing and did wonders for my back. I will definitely be coming back!

    thumb Taylor S.

      I have tried a few therapeutic massage places in Madison for treatment of chronic back and hip pain and the best results were provided by Sha-Ba.  The combination of deep tissue and Thai Massage stretching is very effective and your body feels great afterwards.  Tanatnan is also a very good yoga teacher.  If you want the best possible day of therapeutic and relaxation techniques, schedule an appointment that includes both a private yoga class and massage at Sha-Ba.  You will definitely feel revitalized and full of new energy.

    thumb Terry S.

      Tanatnan is amazing.  On short notice, she fit me in for the best massage/stretching session I can recall.  She identified and worked hot spots, and then we worked together to fix me, or at least leave me way better than when I walked in the door.  She would be a wonderful yoga teacher, and I look forward to returning to Wisconsin for her instruction.  Madison, you're lucky to have her as part of your community.

    thumb John H.